Security Solutions

Protecting your network, data, and systems from vulnerabilities has never been more important.

Businesses and IT organizations are rapidly adopting digital transformation initiatives, such as hybrid/multi-cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and Intelligent Edge computing. There are clear benefits to these digital innovation solutions:

Reduce Costs

Accelerate Business Functions

Dynamic Infrastructure

Improve Efficiency

Provide Better Customer Response

However, with all this digital innovation technology comes greater security risks, threats, and network complexities. To reach the desired outcome while effectively managing security risks and threats, organizations need to adopt a cybersecurity platform that will give broader visibility into network security and operations.

To satisfy this need, Consiliant has partnered with award-winning security platform company, Fortinet. Fortinet and Consiliant solve the challenge with broad, integrated, and automated solutions for your platform, application, or network which enable:

  • Security-driven Networking – secures and accelerates the network and user experience.
  • Zero-trust Network Access – identifies and secures users and devices both on and off network.
  • Dynamic Cloud Security – secures and controls cloud infrastructure and applications.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven Security Operations – automatically prevents, detects, and responds to cyber threats.

With digital innovation expanding the reach of your organization, security and threats are also expanding. Addressing these challenges is what we do. We deliver a broad range of high-performance end-to-end security and threat-level protection across all your network infrastructure, including:

Data Centers

Secure your virtualized data center and private cloud environments with next-generation firewall technology and application-centric security policies to protect your private cloud and data.

Branch Offices

Simple, high-performance connectivity, next generation firewalls, secure switches, and wireless access point options to the cloud, allow branch offices greater flexibility and continuity.

Small Businesses

Consolidate your security into easily managed solutions covering networks, cloud environments, and end-point security systems that automatically share security threat intelligence as your business grows.

Cloud Providers

Broad protection for hybrid/multi-cloud infrastructures and applications with next-generation firewall technology, application security, and secure connectivity across various cloud networks and the users accessing those clouds.

Consiliant’s Engineering team has partnered and is well-versed with implementing Fortinet security solutions (hardware and software) for your enterprise, office, small business or cloud platforms.

It starts with a Network Security Analysis to review existing security protection, growing threats, dynamic infrastructure, and provide recommendations on how to secure and protect your business and valuable data.

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