Multicloud & Hybrid Cloud

More than ever, organizations are moving towards multicloud and/or hybrid cloud environments as they transform their business to meet today’s business goals.

Moving from your legacy IT environment into a cloud environment is not a question of why, but more a question of when (is the right time) and how (do I get there)?

Most organizations will realize the benefits of moving to a cloud environment fairly quickly; improved developer productivity and agility, better infrastructure efficiency and costs, consolidate IT resources, faster integration with partners and third parties, accelerated innovation and time-to-market, improved regulatory compliance and security, and overall business acceleration.

However, getting your organization onto the cloud can be complex and needs a strategy or plan to achieve success. There are also a lot of questions about a migration to a cloud-based environment, such as:

  • Which Cloud is right for my business?
  • Which systems should be in the Cloud?
  • Should I look at Multicloud or Hybrid Cloud offerings?
  • Which is the right Cloud provider?
  • How do we make the transition and where do we start?
  • What about Compliance standards?

Consiliant can help your IT organization and financial teams answer all these questions and create a plan to help your company achieve its technical and business objectives efficiently and cost effectively.


What’s the difference between Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud?



Refers to a cloud environment consisting of multiple cloud deployments of the same type (public or private clouds).

Hybrid Cloud

Is similar in that it requires multiple cloud deployments; however, Hybrid consists of both types (public and private).

No matter where you are in your journey to hybrid cloud, our cloud consultants can help you map out your next steps. From determining what workloads should reside, to managing costs, our experts can help you optimize your operations. Also, our solutions support a range of compliance standards, including FISMA, HIPAA, HITECH and various NIST standards, and more.

Our Cloud Solutions include:

Consiliant’s engineers will help you determining the best strategy for cloud migration; we look at workloads, processes, stakeholders, timetable, cloud providers, costs, risks, security, and the KPI’s to establish to ensure the strategy is working or does it need adjustments.

Cloud Migration

We determine and plan the best way to move your data to the cloud and have the right tools to verify consistency.

Data Migration and Verification

We determine and plan the best way to move your data to the cloud and have the right tools to verify consistency.

Cloud Backup and Recovery

Protect your business and data from hardware failures, disasters, and cyber threats by backing up to the cloud.

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

Mirror your current infrastructure to virtual servers, managed by specialists, protecting your business if a disaster strikes.

Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS)

We have partnered with the best STaaS providers to deliver a cost-effective storage solution for backups, protection, and flexibility.

Secure-Containers as-a-Service (SCaaS)

Simplify your container deployment and management for application modernization and software development.

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