IoT / Intelligent Edge

Accelerating innovation from the cloud to the intelligent edge.

Businesses are transforming themselves using IoT/Edge Computing to create smarter cars, optimized factories, better retail experiences, smarter cities, and so much more.

Edge Computing is closely related to IoT (Internet of Things) in that typically the “edge” is where the “things” are. The edge is close to the action, collects the data, and then provides control for these devices to take action. The oven that cooks your pizza, the factory machinery that assembles cars, the video cameras around cities, your home thermostat and even the watch on your wrist that captures data and analyzes how your body is functioning.

The Edge is intelligent because of the advances in technology which allow for small devices that have large computing power, plus they’re connected and provide loads of analytical data which can:

Lower Costs By Enhancing Operational Efficiencies

Reduce Latency By Providing Real-Time Analytics

Lessen Bandwidth On Existing Networks

Decrease Data Threats By Not Sending As Much Data

Improved Reliability By Reducing Connectivity Requirements

The intelligence at the edge continues to improve and grow in capabilities, supported by growing industry standards and operational efficiencies.

Consiliant has extensive edge computing experience and specializes in the following areas:

IoT Proof of Concept (POC)

Let Consiliant’s engineers help develop a POC for your organization, including hardware, software, networks, data and security.

IoT Analytics

Analyzing the vast amount of data coming from edge devices and integration of other types of data (ERP or CRM) can provide powerful insights and transformative business outcomes.

Public Safety

Edge devices provide first responders with situational awareness and intelligence tools for smarter emergency response, investigations and prevention. With real-time video, facial recognition, intrusion and object-threat detection, Consiliant’s team of engineers help create safer cities, more secure transportation, and safeguard airport and ports from threats.

Video Analytics

A smarter approach than traditional video security, we can provide valuable data-driven insights to help cities, campuses and agencies improve transportation, parking and traffic. In addition, Video Analytics can help businesses protect their customers and property, while optimizing operational efficiency and improving business strategies.

Edge Computer Drives Smarter Operations in Every Industry.

Report — 22 pages

Smart Spaces

Connecting places with IoT and Intelligent Edge devices allows for better information, environmental benefits, enhanced safety, and less risk.
Smart spaces could be a factory, school campus, retail store, or urban building. The technology can be sensors, video cameras, artificial intelligence or any other IoT device. Utilizing each can improve efficiencies, enhance safety, and ultimately elevate your desired outcome.
A couple examples might be a building with a networked temperature controls or the motion sensors that control parking lot traffic. Smart spaces are all around us, but perhaps you have not thought how it can improve your organization.
A recent project with the City of Dublin police department to utilize facial/vehicle recognition and improve arrest rates and lower theft. Check out the Case Study below.


Case Study- City of Dublin, CA

Utilizes Video Analytics To Enhance Public Safety

The City of Dublin uses Consiliant’s Video Intelligence IoT solutions to deter crime and to apprehend criminals. After a home robbery they were able to identify the perpetrator and make an arrest within 3 days of the offense.

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