Data Protection, Backup & Recovery

Wherever your data resides, protecting it and ensuring availability will allow your company to get back to normal operations FASTER.

In today’s on-demand world, your data is growing exponentially and so is the threat of data leaks, data loss, and cyber-criminals. In terms of frequency, volume and sophistication, cyberthreats and cyberattacks are on the rise with no signs of slowing down. Keeping your business-critical data safe and protected has never been more important.

Your data resides in a variety of locations; database servers, multi-hybrid clouds, edge computing appliances, remote locations, etc. It can be a very complex task to manage the objectives of multiple business workloads with specific SLA requirements, however with the right cloud-based solution your business can overcome these challenges.

Consiliant offers a variety of data protection solutions to meet your specific SLA requirements, with robust interfaces, end-to-end resilience, and faster recovery options.

Your business can save money on capital hardware and human capital expenses with predictable consumption-based or monthly cost pricing. In addition to reducing risk and controlling costs, having specialists manage and protect your data can free up your existing IT resources to focus on core projects.

Our solutions include (but not limited to):

Backup and Recovery Planning

Let our experts help define a backup strategy to meet your specific requirements.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Enhance your business resilience with solutions to minimize unplanned outages.

Hybrid/Multicloud Protection

Protect your cloud data and applications wherever it is stored and accessed.

Remote Workforce Data Protection

Make sure your remote workforce data is protected from a security breach.

Compliance Testing and Protection

Confirmation you are satisfying your governmental or internally defined standards.

Security Analysis and Protection

Keep your data safe and protected from cyberattacks with advanced data security.

Make Sure Your Data Is Protected!

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