Public Sector

Modernize IT infrastructure solutions to improve efficiency for internal operations and citizen services.

Consiliant recognizes the potential challenges of public sector solutions; legacy systems and solutions, timelines, changing rules and regulations, security, and competitive bid pricing. Cloud-based solutions and Consumption-based models have made some of these challenges easier, more efficient and cost effective.

Adoption of cloud-based solutions are rapidly growing in the public sector. Departments like Education (K-12 and Higher Ed) are looking to extend their digital innovation and streamline data sharing to students, faculty, and the academic community whenever and wherever they are needed. Cloud-based solutions are at the center of this IT infrastructure modernization effort, providing predictable, lower cost, flexible, and dynamic solutions that evolve in today’s modern digital world.


Consiliant has a broad level of experience in the State/Local Public Sector, including (but not limited to):


Emergency Services

Gas and Oil



Law Enforcement

Finding the right mixture of on-premise solutions with hybrid or multicloud environments to support your department or project requires analysis and planning to ensure success.

Consiliant’s cloud experts will help you determine the best cloud environment for your business
and tailor a custom implementation strategy.


Business Analysis  *  Cloud Strategy Analysis. *  Application Portfolio Analysis  * Risk & Compliance Analysis

Another example how modernized IT infrastructure can help Law Enforcement and Emergency Services is through video surveillance solutions. We have partnered with HPE to deliver enhanced AI analytics video surveillance system. AI-enabled video analytics at the edge (see Intelligent Edge computing) provides real-time, in-depth analysis to meet the demand today. Law Enforcement can act quicker with better information to keep cities, school, and gatherings safer and take control of the situation faster.

Learn how the City of Dublin, CA uses edge computing, video surveillance, and AI to catch the criminals and build a safer community.

Case Study- City of Dublin, CA

Utilizes Video Analytics To Enhance Public Safety

The City of Dublin uses Consiliant’s Video Intelligence IoT solutions to deter crime and to apprehend criminals. After a home robbery they were able to identify the perpetrator and make an arrest within 3 days of the offense.

Consiliant has worked with numerous State and Local governments on a variety of projects and holds many of the GSA, USAC, and NASPO schedules and contracts.

For more information or to talk about our past projects, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss our past successes in the Public Sector.

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