Having the right healthcare technology in place can transform the patient experience and improve outcomes, while being HIPAA compliant and secure.

Perhaps more than any other industry segment, healthcare has transformed itself to meet the ever-changing demands of the patient and doctor population in the digital age. Modern IT infrastructures have been leveraged to provide 24/7 access to medical information, clinical information, and health records.

Virtualization, Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, and mobile apps have brought medical services and data directly to the people who need it, whenever they need it. Such modern innovations are improving the patient experience and streamlining operational processes. Patients and medical providers are both benefiting from more accurate data, which lead to faster and better diagnoses and treatment plans.

Although open access to patient data can increase your staff’s productivity, it can compromise your ability to protect the privacy of patient records. And in today’s digital environment, security is top of mind not only to your IT staff but also to patients and regulators.

Proven solutions to modernize IT in healthcare

Consiliant Technologies delivers a wide range of healthcare solutions designed to meet your needs, including:

  • Infrastructure – Modernize your IT to improve data access, performance, security, and compliance.
  • Mobility – Improved response time, eliminate the need for multiple logins and allow secure access for providers at the point of care.
  • Storage – From PACS to CPOE and EMR, new technology lets you improve workflow, reduce operational costs and increase efficiency.
  • Horizontal IT – Server virtualization and consolidation can simplify IT management, increase resource utilization and allow you to run multiple applications and operating systems on fewer servers with increased performance.
  • Security – Keeping your networks and data secure from cyberattacks and malware carries the highest level of importance.
  • Disaster Recovery and Protection – Ensuring the highest level of availability for your users, while reducing your IT burden.

A premier provider of data solutions and technology services delivering digital modernization and transformation. Our expertise includes: data center, security, IoT/Smart Spaces and hybrid-cloud solutions focused on meeting application performance requirements, user experience expectations, and elastic growth.

Our value is enhanced by the proven enterprise level system engineering methodologies used by the Consiliant Technical Services Team. We deliver on our promise and back it up with exceptional customer service.


Solution Benefits:


Better Patient Care

Reduced Medical Errors

Secure Patient Data

Easy & Fast Access to Patient Data

Lower Operational Costs

Simplified IT Management

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