January 24, 2018  Consiliant Technologies is proud to announce that Jon Garcia will assume the role of Director, Public Safety & Smart Spaces. Jon brings 10+ years of successful sales, technical and business experience to this position. Jon graduated from Loyola Marymount University, and has built strong relationships in the State and Local Government sector. Over the past year, he has spearheaded Consiliant’s Public Safety and Smart Cities initiatives and grown our partner ecosystem. Jon will focus on building a strong strategic practice to deliver a wide range of operational use cases for public safety, government and commercial entities interested in leveraging robust technical infrastructure to improve quality of customer experience. Key technologies Jon has harnessed to differentiate Consiliant’s approach to IoT and “Smart” initiatives include the new Hitachi Video Management Platform (VMP) for video surveillance storage and compute, the Hitachi Visualization Suite to serve as a true aggregation and geospatial interface for edge devices (IP Cameras, IoT Sensors, CAD/RMS Data, Gunshot Detection, Air Quality, etc.), and a cohesive data analytics, processing and reporting engine built on Pentaho. Jon is excited to continue delivering results in this space for his dedicated clientele and bringing new customer relationships into the Consiliant fold. More information on Consiliant’s smart city projects and contact information can be found at www.consiliant.com.

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