Join HPE, ORock Technologies, and Consiliant on September 16th where we will discuss cloud services that provide security, compliance, and predictable costs.

You will learn how to get an as-a-Service solution that meets the requirements of your enterprise applications and budget.

Attend this webinar and receive a $25 gift card. Schedule and participate in a 30 minute 1:1 meeting to discuss your as-a-Service requirements and receive another $25 gift card.

Topics include: 
* Cloud services in both on-premises and off-premise environments 
* Bringing cloud speed, agility, and an as-a-Service model to where your apps and data are today
* ‘High-touch’ cloud services assure your specific needs are met
     Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

     9 AM PDT / 10 AM MDT / 11 AM CDT / 12 NOON EDT

     45 minutes       

Register now:

Chris Greene, HPE, Director of GreenLake Consumption Solutions
Matt Plummer, ORock, Chief Cloud Architect
Dave Cerniglia, Consiliant, Founder and CEO

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