Installing Situational Awareness
Cameras for Dublin, CA

The City of Dublin uses Consiliant’s Video Intelligence IoT solutions to deter crime and to apprehend criminals. After a home robbery they were able to identify the perpetrator and make an arrest within 3 days of the offense.

The Problem:

The City of Dublin needed the capability to identify criminals and the vehicles they were driving after a crime was committed. Their proximity to a major freeway has been used as an escape corridor for criminals. The city wanted to capture the license plate number, make, model and color of the suspect vehicle and direction of travel as these perpetrators were leaving the area.

This information had to be available in real time with automated alerts so the Dublin Police Department could quickly respond to 911 calls. They also needed the capability to work with neighboring city’s law enforcement and the CA Highway Patrol for criminal apprehension.

Additionally, the city wanted to monitor traffic flow, increase public safety and protect public property while deterring theft and violence.

The Solution:

Consiliant brought in our Director of Public Safety and Smart Spaces along with our Systems Engineering team to analyze and understand Dublin’s unique requirements for their Situational Intelligence project. We partnered with Hitachi Vantara to offer the Hitachi Visualization Suite, Video Management and Smart Camera video intelligence platform.

Consiliant engineers went onsite to design each intersection for the best possible surveillance coverage. Field of view and blind spots were analyzed to configure each camera position for optimal efficiency and  to avoid future issues caused by growing trees and shrubs.

Each Smart Camera was configured and tested at our integration facility before being shipped to the customer. We worked with a city approved electrical contractor to provide power and camera mounting services. 16 critical intersections throughout the city were equipped with Hitachi Smart Cameras, Pentel Zoom Cameras, Fixed Cameras and Wireless Point to Point radios all tied into the Hitachi Visualization Suite.

The first phase of this project was completed in under 12 weeks per the direction of the customer. We worked with their schedule to minimize traffic flow interruptions and allowing time for proper permitting.

Project Requirements:


  • Synchronous Video Recording without centralized server and storage requirements
  • Compliment and integrate with APLR (Automatic License Plate Reader)
  • The need for a web based Full Situational Awareness offering which integrates and aggregates disparate point solutions: (CCTV, CAD, Social Media and sensor data)
  • Correlation Analytics for real time intelligent information accessible from anywhere on any device with a web browser.
  • Need the platform to scale from a Single Camera to hundreds of simultaneous streams.
  • Public Private Partnerships to increase surveillance coverage.
  • Predictive Analytics and Evidence Management capabilities.
  • Ability to transmit data via 4G/LTE and or Fiber connections. 

The Results:

The project is a huge success with citizen, city counsel and law enforcement approval. With in the fist 3 months of installation, a home robbery occurred in a wealthy neighborhood.

At 7:30am on a Saturday morning a blue Toyota sedan entered the housing track and a thief burglarized a home when the owners were away on travel. A neighbor noticed the strange car in the driveway while retrieving his morning paper. Later in the day after it was discovered that a robbery has taken place the neighbor came forward and gave the police a vague description of the car.

The Dublin Police Department went to the video still located on the Smart Cameras and downloaded 30 minutes of footage around the time the robbery took place. They singled out the suspect’s automobile using analytics and quickly had a make, model, license plate and picture of the driver. An arrest was made on Tuesday morning.

The apprehension of this criminal proved to be a successful validation of the city’s video surveillance platform. The community and the Police Department were very pleased with the capabilities that they were able to experience first hand during the entire prosecution of this criminal case.

“We were very fortunate to have Consiliant and Hitachi as partners from the very beginning and all of the way through implementation.  Everyone that I have met from both of your companies have been extremely helpful answering all of our questions. 

As the protectors of our community, I can say that our city is safer today because of the technology we have implemented over the last four years and has assisted us in the apprehension of numerous dangerous criminal who have preyed on our residents.  Keep moving your companies forward when it comes to research and development of new and innovative technologies with the common goal of safety and security for our communities.”

Garrett Holmes – Chief of Police, Dublin Police Services

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