Public Safety

Security and public safety begins with connected intelligence. Empower officers and first responders with situational awareness and intelligence tools for smarter crime response, investigations and prevention.

  • Safer Cities – Keep streets safe with integrated views, predictive analytics and other tools.  Consolidated view of the city.  Integrate all data – from real-time video, CAD systems, gunshot detectors, facial recognition, license plate readers and more.
    Proactive action for public safety.  Get automated alerts for intrusions, object detection and facial recognition.
  • Secure Transportation – Keep riders and drivers protected with integrated video, data and alerts.  Get automated alerts for intrusion and suspicious objects at stations, along with facial and license plate recognition.  Suspicious and left-behind object detection.  Automated alerts help officials monitor all areas of large facilities and react faster to security situations.
  • Safeguard Airports And Ports – Protect passengers and workers with end-to-end solutions that improve safety.  Facial recognition and privacy protection.  Detect selected subjects with real-time video feeds, use intrusion and object-threat detection, and alert officials.  Automated intrusion detection and direction control.  Detect and alert security to indoor and outdoor intrusion of people or vehicles in critical or restricted areas.