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Our Value

Consiliant Technologies has built a reputation for delivering exceptional professional services, enterprise storage infrastructure, networking and data protection solutions to companies that need Global 1000 class services. Our customers include: Financial, Healthcare, Entertainment, Transportation, Multinationals, Manufacturing, Government, and Education.

We are knowledgeable professionals who listen closely above all else and understand the challenges facing large IT organizations. We apply best practices and proven methodologies to make sensible recommendations in solving critical business issues. We value a partnership built on trust and relentlessly pursue earning your respect by providing results. Our accomplished staff includes industry veterans and certified systems engineering support professionals who have the experience to handle the toughest assignments.

We were nominated and won a “Best Practices in Storage” award at Storage Networking World. The competition was steep; however, Consiliant’s fresh approach solved multiple data and storage infrastructure issues while returning a tremendous ROI.

Established in 2002 by tenured IT executives Consiliant has grown to a national presence. We are headquartered in Irvine, California with regional offices on the East Coast (New Jersey) and Rocky Mountain Region (Denver, CO). We invite you to meet us in person and learn how we helped other organizations address their critical information technology initiatives.

Three Ways Cloud Computing Addresses Enterprise Needs

The fact that different problems require different solutions may be obvious, but businesses are still left wondering what their best solution is. For instance, two companies in the same industry with the same number of employees and identical revenue projections may need completely different hardware solutions – solutions that are based on their data growth-rate, security requirements, and other needs. Cloud solutions can solve a variety of issues that plague enterprise businesses such as mobile device management policy and security, hardware/software/network collaboration, availability of business-critical applications and reduced downtime.
In relation to cloud architecture, the enterprise faces unique and large-scale challenges in need of high-performance clouds that are flexible, scalable, and that address Enterprise specific complexities head on. So what are some problems that the cloud can help your enterprise address? Here are a few:
Tying together disparate environments: Enterprises are running multiple business systems and processes that aren’t integrated. For example, one system that uses SAP needs to communicate with another system that stores EMR. The right cloud structure would act as the middlemen between the two systems supporting their various protocols, formats and processes. Tying together disparate environments across an enterprise without downtime or activity interruption can seem complicated and overwhelming, but necessary nonetheless.
Finding a secure infrastructure that’s capable for mobility: Collaboration tools are imperative for an enterprise that may have outside sales components, global marketing teams and research centers spread across continents. Todays enhanced communications connect servers, company provided computers, and empower workforces through the use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. What does the enterprise do to manage these devises without increasing the chances of a data breach? How do file version control issues stabilize and data sharing align? By instilling a variety of public and private cloud
Keeping up with the speed of business: TechCrunch eloquently says that speed kills your competitors and in an enterprise, faster application performance will distinguish who the winners are. Taking advantage of an enterprise cloud structure improves strategy efficiency, creates more fluid processes and increases transparency across systems. When things are running quickly and systems are integrated, IT can work with business units to find new assignments and new IT practices enabling cloud computing to help the business grow and impact the bottom line.
An Enterprise cloud solution provides comprehensive services addressing the unique and complex needs of the enterprise to ensure that nothing gets lost while you’re up and running in the cloud. Let us know how the cloud structure is working for your Enterprise in the comments section below.